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Mommy Lost a Baby - Emma's Hope in Grief

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Mommy Lost a Baby - Emma's Hope in Grief

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Emma’s Hope in Grief is a children’s book that walks through the loss of miscarriage from a child’s perspective. Using sweet rhymes and pictures, it tells the story of young Emma and her journey through experiencing grief. 

This resource provides practical tips for helping children process loss, including possible questions to ask your children and activities to engage in as a family. Emma’s Hope in Grief is a helpful resource for parents and mentors who want to help children process life's losses.

This children’s book points to the God who sees us, loves us, and cries with us in our grief. And it points to our eternal hope that one day, God will come again to wipe every tear and make all things right.

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Customer Reviews

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Hannah H.

I wish I had found this book earlier. Reading it to my boys helped us all express our feelings and put words to our grief. Not many understand the loss of a sibling, and this book was exactly what my children needed.

Baby Loss

Very unique and helpful book to read to my son after losing his baby sister

Every pastor should have this on hand

This book is amazing! I have a four year old who has walked with me through two pregnancy miscarriages. I love how it incorporates the gospel, and both parents. I believe that our children need to know about our babies in heaven. And that this will grow their faith.

Lindsay S.
Such a helpful book for little ones to understand

We’ve experienced 3 pregnancy losses after have 2 kids and my 2 year old has no idea but my 4 year old continues to ask questions and ask when Jesus is going to give our baby back. This book has helped him have a better understanding of what happened and it’s been great to be able to read to him and just open up conversations for his 4 year old brain

Russ S.
Mommy Lost a Baby. Emma's Hope in Grief

What a graceful way to guide a family through the grieving process! Passed it along to a family in need and they found it immensely valuable! Reminds us that God allows us to feel pain and discomfort so we'll yearn more for Him and the Paradise that awaits us. Thank you for writing this awesome book!!