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Floral Task Sticky Notes

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Floral Task Sticky Notes

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Have you ever been reading the Bible and had an important thought that you ended up forgetting? Us too! There are millions of thoughts running through your head daily. Sometimes you just need to write them down!

That's why we created these Floral Task Sticky Notes.

We created 4 different categories to help you not only sort your thoughts but keep track of them. Each category of notes has a beautiful pastel coloring with white floral illustration, 25 sheets, and a 3”x3” measurement. 

Use these sticky notes to post on your mirror to remind yourself of God’s promises and encouragement, or share with a friend. The opportunities, evangelism, and encouragement ideas are endless!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nikki K.
Perfect addition to my Bible journal

These are sticky enough to stay in place with the ability to not rip my Bible pages. Matches my aesthetic and anything that get you motivated to stay in the word is worth it. Love them!

Beth P.
Needs improvement

These sticky notes are BEAUTIFUL and quality paper. The drawback is that the sticky part often does not release well from the note behind it and tears. It doesn't have a release and reuse approach like brand name stickies. The paper curls once removed from the pad, they won't lay flat when placed on another surface or re-stick flat to anything. I've literally ordered hundreds of dollars of resources and items from Daily Grace and this is my one and only slightly negative experience with a product.

Traci F.
Sticky Notes

They are so pretty and I know my daughter will enjoy using them.

Perfect Sticky Notes

These sticky notes are super pretty and perfect for what I bought them for. I like to use them inside the cover of my Bible to keep prayer request and scripture close by. They stick really well, much better than I expected, and I highly recommend!

Super cute!

These are so cute and come in handy for sticking in my bible and devotionals!