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Growing in Grace | Spiritual Disciplines Study

Rooted in Grace Digital Course

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Growing in Grace | Spiritual Disciplines Study

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Growing in Grace | Spiritual Disciplines Study

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Growing in Grace | Knowing and Loving God Through Spiritual Disciplines

This four-week study goes over spiritual disciplines, which are the means for believers to grow in godliness with the help of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual disciplines are for every believer. They are the outworking of a redeemed heart, and they help one to know and love God more.

This study goes over what spiritual disciplines are and how the gospel helps believers engage in the disciplines over a lifetime. A number of disciplines are then explored in depth. These include:

Bible Intake
Hearing God's Word
Reading and Studying God's Word
Scripture Memorization
Scripture Meditation
Worship (Personal and Corporate)
Prayer (Personal and Corporate)
Silence and Solitude

Giving Thanks and Rejoicing Always

The 8x10 study book is 120 pages.

The book contains daily study material along with extras like a calendar spread to evaluate how you are currently using your time. This practical tool will help you identify ways you can incorporate spiritual disciplines into your everyday life. Other extras include a Bible reading plan and helpful tips to help you memorize Scripture and pray.

Each week contains five days of study material, including daily reflection questions. Each week also has a memory verse day and a weekly reflection day to help you see how the gospel encourages and empowers you to pursue godliness through that week's spiritual disciplines. This space will also be a time to identify specific action steps you can take to implement those particular spiritual disciplines.

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Customer Reviews

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Lucia A.
Learned so much

I learned so many new things during this study. It helped me understand different ways to spend time with the Lord and helped my consistency.

Kourtney L.

A great study for establishing spiritual disciplines in your life!

Kim M.
Christian Growth

This is a new study for my Bible study group but it seems to be geared to our level. I prefer the studies that we can use every week and if someone misses a study they don’t get behind. This study seems to be good for Christian’s at all stages of their growth.

Madelyne M.
Small Group Study

I’m a youth leader in a digital age with a lot of my youth in college and unable to attend classes physically. This study, and studies like these allow my youth to have a structured bible study that we can talk about once a week about what they learned, how they can apply this to their lives and help them through the daily trials. This study especially has been pivotal in bringing one of my youth out of a rut they’d been feeling where they were on fire for God but wanted to do more! Thank you daily grace co for providing and spreading these studies that help guide and spread the gospel!

LeeAnn F.
Loving This Study!

I got this study to do for myself and am really loving it! I bought extras to give as gifts and am planning to do this study with my women's Bible study group. I love that I can also work on it via the app when I don't have the actual book with me.