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Life of Jesus Kids Cards Set

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Life of Jesus Kids Cards Set

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Life of Jesus Kids Cards Set

Have you ever wondered how to explain the life of Jesus to your kids?

The Life of Jesus Kids Cards Set includes 20 cards that will help your family celebrate the life of Jesus throughout the Lenten season and beyond. 

Each card includes a daily Scripture reading, a short family devotion, and a reflection question to engage your children in gospel-centered conversations. Connect these cards numerically to form a timeline of Jesus’s life, or flip them over to reveal an illustrated puzzle of the events on the timeline!

Each card measures 4” x 6”.

Use these cards as a part of your bedtime routine, or throw them in a bag for on-the-go fun!

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel M.
Brief and sweet and well written

We use these cards on our drive to school. Such an easy way to do a quick family devotion on the go. Love them. The content is great and both my kids age 8 and 11 understand the content.

We loved these

We used this set with our kids ages 6-13 and we all enjoyed them! The 6 year old loved doing the puzzle with the card backs and then memorizing which picture went with each number. I had the older kids read the daily verses aloud. Great summary of the life of Jesus in a multi-age appropriate way. We went through them faster because they wanted to do a few each day.

So Practical

I love how these card can be hung up to remember what we've learned. I also love the pictures that correlate with the info on the opposite side because I can quiz my kiddos to see if they remember that card. My kids are visual learners, so seeing a picture with "clues" prompts them to know what part of Jesus' life that card was talking about.

April K.G.
Life of Jesus cards

We wanted to give our church family something they could do with their kids during lent. This was the perfect choice. They are great quality, love the pictures and talking points!

Misty H.
So sweet!

Life of Jesus cards are great! I tried spreading them out over a few days but my kids wanted more so we went through all of them in one sitting. Love DGC!