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Journey to Freedom | The Life of Moses - Men

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Journey to Freedom | The Life of Moses - Men

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This is a seven-week study designed to teach on the gospel of Jesus Christ through retelling the life of Moses. This study recounts biblical narrative in Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy to show how Moses, the tabernacle, and the wilderness journey were pictures of the promises fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Journey to Freedom takes an in-depth look at typology, a concept that identifies people, events and objects as forerunners of the final saving work of God’s Son.

Topics Covered: God's plan of redemption, Egypt, slavery to sin, covenant, promises, freedom from sin, the Promised Land, the tabernacle, the wilderness journey, the law, Jesus as Mediator
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Customer Reviews

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Crystal B.
Moses' Life & Journey To Freedom

Dive deep into this study and you will be changed. I took so much time with this study and was engulfed by the similarities of God & Moses. This is a must if you seek more of how God is faithful to His people!

Wonderful Study of Moses

Our small group is enjoying seeing God's story play out in the life of Moses. Love the pace and presentation of Daily Grace studies.

Life of Moses

I was SO excited to see they offer a Bible study on the life of Moses and it does not disappoint!

Jennifer A.
Love 💗

I love this journey I’m on with this book, and the things the daily grace shares

Love this!

This is an amazing study! Buy it!