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Meditations for Anxiety

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Meditations for Anxiety

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Meditations for Anxiety is a 31-day booklet with daily meditations for those with anxiety. Biblical meditation is a discipline of thinking about and considering the truths of God’s Word. We can practice meditation through prayer, journaling, memorizing Scripture, or simply pondering biblical truths.

This resource will provide Scripture to read throughout the day, prompts to encourage a thoughtful understanding of God’s Word, and prayer time to ask for God’s help. As you go through this booklet, you will learn how to dwell on the Word of God throughout your day and rest in the truths of Scripture in the midst of anxiety. Anxiety is a fierce battle, but God has given us His Word to aid us in this fight.

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Customer Reviews

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Kassie P.
Thoughts on Meditations

The book is beautiful, thoughtful, and simple. I LOVE the layout: three times a day, readers are urged to return to a particular passage on peace. This allows time to process without becoming overwhelmed (a huge plus for, you know, people dealing with anxiety). My only point of complaint is that the gorgeous, glossy paper smears. Severely. I wanted to use the DG pens because they look so cute, but nope. I was forced to switch on day one to a very unaesthetic ball-point pen from my kitchen drawer. The glossy paper looks lovely but isn’t super conducive for a workbook like this. If smudges bother you, I’d still recommend this resource, but be careful about your pen choice.

Courtney C.
Great resource for beginning scripture meditation

I am new to the practice of meditating on scripture. This resource provided practical ways to pore over specific verses and engage deeply with the Word of God.

Maame S.A.
Meditations for Anxiety

I love the design!! There are thoughtful questions to answer with each verse three times of the day which is great. I bought this as a gift to myself to grow in my faith and can't wait to use it.

What a blessing!

I have struggled with anxiety for years, but through years of prayer and The Lords goodness, I get better every day. This Meditation has been such a blessing in a hard season. I love the different methods for thinking and praying through the verses they have each day. It has been the perfect thing for this season. I think my only complaint is that I am going to be sad when day 31 comes. Would love to see more of these types of resources by TDGC! I am so blessed by this company!

Alexis E.
Very practical!

I love this study. It’s very practical and easy to follow. It’s very helpful and has been helping me write Gods promises on my heart to counter the anxiety and my what if thoughts. I highly suggest.