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Meditations on God's Character

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Meditations on God's Character

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Meditations on God’s Character is a 31-day booklet with daily meditations on the character of God. Scripture is filled with passages that tell us who God is and how much He loves His people. This booklet will enable you to think about and consider all the truths regarding God’s character.

Through journaling, memorizing, praying, defining, and illustration, you will be able to ponder God’s Word throughout the day. Meditating on Scripture is simply the purposeful practice of dwelling on God’s Word. It is there we find life, hope, and joy. We will never scratch the surface of God’s infinite character, but through Scripture we can catch a glimpse of His glory and great love for us. God wants you to come close and know His heart.

Cherish this 31-day journey to know our Creator, Shepherd, Father, and great I AM.

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Customer Reviews

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Meditations of God's Character

Sweet little book. I gifted to a friend.

Ka'Lon M.
Getting to know God

Each verse has been intentionally chosen to help the participant of the study to truly understand God's Character. Three times a day you're meditating on God's true character. Each journal entry helps one see how good our God is and how sinful man is in comparison.

Jennifer M.
So good!

I love this meditation journal. What a great way to focus on who God is.

adrienne N.
A wonderful gift

Gave this to a friend as a gift. She had explained how she was struggling getting into the word. She told me that it was a wonderful gift, that it holds her accountable to focus her days on God and his word. She went on to explain that this was a wonderful tool to help her set her foundation as God and his word within her life!
Praising God for his goodness, that this book was able to be used to call one of his daughters back to him, to the path of knowing him intimately!

God’s character

I like the format. Something I can come back to throughout the day to really help me meditate on that aspect of God’s character throughout the day.