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People of the Old Testament | Kids Card Set

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People of the Old Testament | Kids Card Set

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Does teaching the Old Testament to young children intimidate you? There is a good chance the answer to that question is Yes! The Old Testament can feel intimidating to read, let alone teach to children. But we have created a resource for adults and children to use together that will deepen your understanding of God’s Word.

People of the Old Testament will:

  • Provide a simple starting point for parents and children to discuss the Old Testament together
  • Guide readers through the story of the Old Testament by looking at its important figures
  • Highlight the importance of each person in the Old Testament story

People of the Old Testament includes 42 cards that look at different people in the Old Testament—some of them well known, others less so. Each card describes who that person was and how God used them in His great rescue plan. Also included are questions to discuss and verses you can read together. These cards could be easily used at the dinner table, in the car, or right before bed!

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Customer Reviews

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Marissa M.
Love These

I love how the blurb about the person is just enough but not too long for younger kiddos! I also love the verses that accompany the person. Not to mention, the illustrations are great and very colorful. So many cards to go through, which is really nice.

Amanda C.
Great resource

I love these cards. I'm trying to teach my daughter about the Bible and about God. These cards are a wonderful way to introduce important people of the Bible to her and help her learn about them. I even bought another set for my niece.

Brooke B.
People of the Old Testament

We LOVE these cards! Our daughter is 3 and she absolutely loves going through these cards with us. I like that some of them have questions and facts regarding the person they are learning about. It’s a fun way to teach your child about the roles these people played in the Bible.


These cards are beautiful! Such a good resource to help teach our kiddos about the Old Testament!