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Pray | Cultivating a Passionate Practice of Prayer - Men

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Pray | Cultivating a Passionate Practice of Prayer - Men

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Pray | 5 Week Study | Cultivating a passionate practice of prayer 

Prayer is hard. Harder than it seems it should be. We are busy, distracted, and unsure if our time spent in prayer is actually amounting to anything. We want to have a vibrant, passionate prayer life, but instead we may have one that is cold and apathetic.What is the cure for this? It is a true, biblical understanding of prayer.

Pray is a 5 week that study that will:

  • Help you overcome the lack of a desire to pray
  • Show you how to make time for prayer even when you are busy
  • Answer your questions about why God answers yes to some prayers and no to others
  • Teach you how prayer can be a source of strength in times of sorrow, anxiety, and frustration. 

Special resources within study:

  • Study Suggestions
  • How to Study the Bible
  • The Attributes of God 
  • The Prayer of Salvation
  • Aggie Hurst’s Story
  • Chart: The Trinity
  • George Muller’s Story
  • Susanna Wesley’s Story
  • Lottie Diggs Moon’s Story
  • What’s Next: Continuing to Cultivate a Life of Prayer
  • Sample Pages of the In Everything Prayer Journal
  • What is the Gospel?

Key themes: Prayer, Faith, Spiritual Disciplines, Perseverance


  • This study is perfect for individuals or groups. 
  • Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, prayer prompts, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions. 
  • Measures 8X10
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Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Ana H.
Pray-Cultivating a Passionate Practice of Prayer

This book/study by Shelby Turner has exceeded my expectations. I am enjoying it for the following reasons: first, it is visually appealing. The work of the designer and editors has made this book so beautiful! Though I was struck by its appearance out of the box, I waited to see the inside and I am not disappointed. As a woman's Bible study instructor for my church, I immediately appreciated the "study suggestions" and then "How to Use this Study". Beginning in prayer, encouragement to READ the Bible passage before diving in AND marking/highlighting key items on a double spaced copy, all before answering questions! I love many students of the Bible skip this deep dive and come to class thinking Bible Study "doesn't work". Then! "HOW to study" on page 4. Excellent. All this BEFORE the table of contents and I am so blessed already. The pages are filled with beautiful artwork in the muted, clean, calming colors of nature and flowers and I love the pages with bold quotations...honestly frame-worthy.
This is my very first order for a study as I have just learned about DG six months ago, but I plan to order more in future...I will look for more like this and encourage my ladies to do so as well. I am more than pleased.
There are two things I would change to make this book better for me and those are: the paper...the slick paper makes it difficult to write on without smearing and I wish for a version in the King James. KJV is my very favorite and the Bible I use for study.
Daily Grace...thank you for the opportunity to review this item. I am thrilled with it and I pray that God will bless you for making it easy for others to get into the best book ever written!

Pamela C.
Excellent material!

I just absolutely love these products! They are beautiful, inviting, and packed with the truth of Gods Word! I have so many that I can't decide which one to do next. Haha. And that's just the studies!
Thank you so much for all of what you offer!

Karmyn F.
Love this study!

I have loved every study I have done, but this one on prayer has been most impactful for me. Even as someone who grew up as a Pastor's kid and went to a Bible college, I had not developed a practice of prayer. When I read The Power to Change by Craig Groeschel, I felt the Holy Spirit convicting me that I need to be passionate about talking with Him and communing with Him. My husband and I have begun using to model to pray together every weekend and it's been really powerful for us. And we're going to use this study with the camp counselors at Fair Haven Camps this summer. Thank you for putting this together! It's been a blessing!

I love it!

I'm about to finish this study in a few days & I have truly enjoyed & been blessed by this study!

Paula B.
Love it!

Just what I needed to remind me of the importance of prayer in every season of my life and as a follower of Christ!