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God Listens When I Pray Board Book

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God Listens When I Pray Board Book

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It’s never too early to introduce children to the gift of talking with God through prayer. 

God Listens When I Pray is a beautiful and theologically rich board book that will:

• Teach the youngest children they can talk to God anytime and anywhere

• Remind children God listens to their every prayer

• Prompt you to spend a moment praying with your child at the end of the book

God Listens When I Pray is a durable board book that is perfect for children ages 0-4

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Love this book!!! Beautifully made, engaging, written simply and yet sound Biblically. We love reading it together!

Great message

Love reading this book with my toddler to emphasize God hears our prayers and we can pray anywhere!!

Great book for children about prayer!

My daughter loves this book. SO colorful. We are repurchasing this because she read it so much we needed a new one! So happy I found this book to help teach my daughter about prayer!

Sara W.
One of our favorite books!

My daughter and I love this book. She is three, and this book is so well worded and clear that she can easily understand it. It’s generated some good conversations about prayer and I’m so thankful!

So cute!

We've been talking with my toddler a lot about always being able to talk to God, especially when she feels lonely or nervous, etc. This book is such a sweet supplement to our conversations!