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Prayers for My Wife

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Prayers for My Wife

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This set of 11 cards includes 10 cards designed to help husbands pray for their wives, and a cover card.

One side of the cards contains a Scripture to meditate on and pray through, and the other side has a prompt to help you pray specifically and intentionally.

Each card focuses on praying a specific thing for your wife, and gives Scripture to read and pray as well. Keep this in your Bible, put them on a ring, or hang them somewhere you will see them often.
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Customer Reviews

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JaLynn M.
Good Product

I bought these as a gift for a bridal shower. The cards were a little different than I was expecting but overall satisfactory.

Prayers for my Wife

I bought these cards for my husband. He says they are helpful in guiding him on what to pray for throughout the day. There’s a minor error on one of the verses for one of the cards but overall they’re good.

David M.
Prayers for My Wife - 4.5 stars

Love the design and the references. I like having a prompt on one side and the verses on the other side. The one VERY minor thing I think could be improved is to only put one reference on each card with the whole verse printed, even if that means the same prompt for multiple cards. If you're on the go you don't always have the ability to flip to the reference in your Bible. I'd be willing to pay a few extra bucks per pack if each prompt was spread out over multiple Scripture cards. Just my thoughts--love them already!

So Sweet

My husband and I bought the Prayers for My Wife and the Husband’s been such a joy to use them in prayer!

Jessica F.
Bought for my husband

I bought them for my husband and he finds them valuable as a structured starting point in prayer and I love knowing that he uses them.