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Prayers for Unbelievers Verse Card Set

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Prayers for Unbelievers Verse Card Set

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Relationships with unbelievers can be difficult. We so desperately want the people we love to know Jesus, but at times, we may not know what to do. In fear of pushing our unbelieving family and friends away, we may be tempted to remain silent. Though we feel helpless, God strengthens and encourages us to pray. Through prayer, we can participate in the saving work Jesus is doing in the hearts of sinners. 

This set of 15 cards includes prompts to intercede for specific unbelievers in your life. One side of each card has a verse, and the other side has a corresponding prayer request.

These cards are made of heavy weighted professional card stock. The small 4x4” size makes them easy to take with you as you go about or day or place them around your house as a reminder to intercede for unbelievers all around you.
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Customer Reviews

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Love these!

These cards are just what I was looking for! I sometimes find it hard to find the words to pray and these are so helpful. I love that they have scripture to pray along with it. The cards are also beautiful which is a bonus!

Adorable Little Cards

These are great little cards that have Bible verse prayers for those who are not believers. Use these with our Bible study group.

shelby r.

These cards and prayers are so beautiful! I so believe in the power of prayer but it's still hard to implement sometimes, lol. These make it easy to make it a discipline because I can rotate through a card a day and stay intentional about praying for my friends and family that don't yet know Christ!

Moriah M.
Love them!

These are just what I was looking for! I love being more intentional when praying for my unsaved loved ones, and being able to have liturgical prayers based on scripture verses has been inspiring and helpful!

Carina P.

I love these cards! I had a hard time finding the words to pray for my loved ones who are not saved (yet) and these make it so much easier. I keep them organized in a cheap photo album to review them daily.