Redeeming Your Phone Time

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Technology surrounds us. Whether through our smartphones, smartwatches, or computers, we have unlimited information accessible to us every day. The world is literally at our fingertips, with new content being produced each second. But how should Christians engage with technology? Is there a way to use our phones without becoming addicted to them? Is there a way to honor God with our screen time and phone habits? 

This booklet points to the transforming power of the gospel in all areas of our lives, including our phone time. It provides practical help, tips, workbook pages, and encouragement for how to honor God with our phones. In a society where we spend hours on our phones each day, become equipped and feel challenged to redeem your phone time through this booklet. Grow in the fruits of the spirit, in wisdom, and humility as you seek to honor God with your phone each day. 

This booklet is 156 pages long and measures approximately 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

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Customer Reviews

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Alayna P.
I Really Needed This…

I really needed this. I’m currently half way through this Bible study companion and it is changing the way I view my phone, use my phone and how much time I spend mindlessly scrolling (which is A LOT unfortunately). As our phones become more ingrained in our lives, it’s important to set boundaries around them. I love that this study is helping me use my phone to honour God. The lessons are daily and they are short but inspiring with thought provoking questions and/or challenges to answer.

Great Book!

Redeeming our phone time is such a needed topic! I have been getting sucked deeper and deeper into the virtual world spelled P-H-O-N-E, and finding a study guide to help me break my addiction to it was like a drink of cool water!! The daily lessons are short, pertinent, and filled with hope. I highly recommend it!

Ellie P.
Great resource!

Have not started it yet, but it was highly recommended for me. I love that it is relevant.

Shawnee W.
Hit the heart of the problem

I am 7 days into this workbook and I am loving how it just gets right to the heart of things. The questions are so thought provoking and are helping me to identify problems with my relationship with my phone and how I can better glorify God. I have already made some changes with my phone and hope to continue to grow in my relationship with God. My goal is not just to do away with the phone, but use it to His glory and this workbook is helping.

Marlie W.
Redeeming Your Phone Time

Such a good and eye-opening study!!