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Redeeming Your Phone Time

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Redeeming Your Phone Time

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Technology surrounds us. Whether through our smartphones, smartwatches, or computers, we have unlimited information accessible to us every day. The world is literally at our fingertips, with new content being produced each second. But how should Christians engage with technology? Is there a way to use our phones without becoming addicted to them? Is there a way to honor God with our screen time and phone habits? 

This booklet points to the transforming power of the gospel in all areas of our lives, including our phone time. It provides practical help, tips, workbook pages, and encouragement for how to honor God with our phones. In a society where we spend hours on our phones each day, become equipped and feel challenged to redeem your phone time through this booklet. Grow in the fruits of the spirit, in wisdom, and humility as you seek to honor God with your phone each day. 

This booklet is 156 pages long and measures approximately 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

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Customer Reviews

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Annie T.
Beautiful and well-written, but a little confusing how to navigate

I used this for a month of Bible class while homeschooling my teenage children. We went through it together, day by day (me too!). We had some really good discussions, and I learned a lot about what my children see as important in regards to their phone use. The book is beautifully designed, and the writing is easy to understand and applicable for high school and up. As we went through the study, I did find it hard to know when to do the goals and week 1-4 record that were in the front of the book. We were at part 3 before I realized those were even in the front of the book. Day 1 could address when to use the goals and fill in the weekly records? But thank you for a unique study--it is much needed in this world we live in.

Nicole W.
Great Study/Resource!

This is such an amazing study and resource for those wanting to change habits and direct their focus. Highly Recommend!

Abby C.
Such a great challenge!

I ordered this book because I have been struggling with how much time I've been spending on my phone. It has been such a great tool, and I have learned so many helpful hints doing this challenge! Definitely recommend!!!

Kristen L.
A Needed Resource

I really didn’t know I needed the “Redeeming Your Phone Time” devotional until I started working through it. The book is filled with gentle reminders and truthful challenges to get you off your phone and in the Word more.

Redeeming Your Phone Time

Just what I needed as I have a problem with social media taking up too much of my time.