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The Story of Redemption Bundle


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The Story of Redemption Bundle - Men

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The Story of Redemption Bundle - Men

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The Story of Redemption is a four volume study that walks through the entire Bible in one year, from Genesis to Revelation. This study highlights how each chapter of the Bible points to Jesus Christ and where it fits in the big picture story of Scripture, the story of redemption. Each day includes written content that covers an average of three chapters to help you understand and apply the text, as well as daily reflection questions.

Special resources within each study:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of what you will study
  • What is the Gospel?


  • These studies are perfect for individuals or groups. 
  • Each study contains daily study material including suggested Scripture reading, a short commentary on each day’s reading, and daily reflection questions
  • Each book measures 8X10

Additional Resources:

Check out our daily podcast A Year in the Bible With Daily Grace. We want to spend five minutes every day journeying through the Bible from start to finish. In each episode, one of the hosts will talk through a few chapters of the Bible. We will explore how all of it points to Jesus, where it fits into the story of Scripture, and how the truth of God’s Word impact our lives. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 695 reviews
Patricia W.
Useful Study

I’m so happy to be following along with this Bible study in my app! I feel like I have already learned so much, and so far I have particularly enjoyed the parallels with the New Testament passages about Jesus calming the sea

Kayla C.

I have been looking for a Bible study to walk me through the Bible in chronological order and I’ve finally found it! Not only does it go in chronological order but it has a devo with every reading along with questions to make you dive deeper. I love everything about this study!

Love it

I absolutely love this study! Although I have read these books before, this study is helping really study them.

Wonderful Study!

I have never read the entire Bible, but I purchased this study during a sale last fall to give them a try since I have been following them for awhile but never bought anything. I am absolutely LOVING having these lovely devotional books to guide me through each day's reading. My favorite part is having three thought-prompting questions after each day's reading. Daily Grace Co has a happy new customer!

Beautiful series

Haven’t had a chance to dive into it yet, but after glancing through it is beautifully designed and uplifting to read.