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Thirty Truths for Common Lies for Teens

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Thirty Truths for Common Lies for Teens

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Lies are all around us—on the internet, in books, on social media, and so much more. But we also hear lies in our minds. We experience thoughts that confuse, condemn, and criticize us. It can be hard to battle these lies because they can awaken our insecurities and challenge our faith. But, even though lies are difficult, they do not have to disarm us.

Thirty Truths for Common Lies for Teens explores 30 common lies teens often battle and teaches how to combat them with the truth of God’s Word. Some lies include “I need a relationship to be loved,” “God does not love me,” and “I don’t fit in.”

This booklet will help teens confront and overcome the lies they often wrestle with and will encourage them to rest in gospel-centered truths.

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Customer Reviews

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Ruby Z.
So good

I have a Bible study group with middle school girls & every week they look through the lies & pick one to discuss. Bring so much discussion & helps open up their hearts for vulnerability’n

10000% a blessing!

I bought this to do with my teenagers and they absolutely love it. Our devotionals are full of communication and heartfelt convos thanks to God’s Word and this book. Thank you Daily Grace!

Anna G.
Not disappointed!

Once again, a beautiful truth-filled book from DG! I’m super thankful to have this resource. Now I need it in a format for my boys who are coming up into teenage years soon!

Lucy H.
Enjoying this with my teens!

I have 2 teenage daughters. We read 5 days on our own and then get together and share about which day impacted us the most and how we are hearing The Lord’s truth in these areas.
Great book to add to your daily time with Jesus!

Amy P.
Great book to help teens

This book is such a great resource for parents and teens to help combat the lies this world is throwing at our youth. I'm so grateful for this book and how it gently helps to remind my son of God's truths. I have found it to be a great way to face these common lies head on with marevelous biblical truths.