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Women of the Bible | Quiet Time Companion

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Women of the Bible | Quiet Time Companion

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Have you ever wondered about the role that women play in God’s plans and purposes?

The Women of the Bible | Quiet Time Companion is a stunning resource that walks through the narratives of over fifty different women in the Bible, showing how each one is used by God to fulfill His purposes.

The Women of the Bible | Quiet Time Companion will:
  • Remind you that God values women and intentionally includes them in His work in the world
  • Show you the role that women in the Bible play in the overarching story of Scripture
  • Explain how each woman points to Jesus as the Savior and Redeemer
  • Help you see that God can use imperfect and broken women in significant ways
While this book does not cover every woman named or described in the Bible, the stories of those who are included will demonstrate how God used and worked through women throughout biblical history to accomplish His purposes.
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Customer Reviews

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Millie V.
Beautiful book

Beautiful book! I’ve gifted it to many friends. I love that it has the printable study guide to track progress as well.

Jessica T.
Perfect Companion for Your Quiet Time!

I'm such a fan of this. If you've used any of the Daily Grace's Bible Handbooks, you'll LOVE the Women of the Bible just as much. Beautiful artwork, easy to read format, and structured perfectly to use alongside your Bible reading plan. I have been enjoying diving deeper into the lives of women God highlights in scripture. Such a wonderful addition to my quiet time!


This resource is beautiful, but also packed full of more details and insight than I would ever have been able to uncover on my own.

Renee S.
Great for women of all ages!

This “quiet time companion” is chalked full of great reminders for us to redirect our attention and obedience toward Jesus. I LOVE that it highlights several women, like Anna, who are often overlooked simply because their Biblical appearances are short. I also like that the “bad examples” like Jezebel are included, as well as those who were obedient in the end but rebelled a bit or were reluctant to fully submit to God. The Bible is a great resource for us to learn from the mistakes of others and this companion aides in that effort. My only complaint would be that I crave a more in depth look into each of the 50 women portrayed, but I understand that this is meant to highlight their lives and point us to Jesus rather than study them. Showing the genealogy of Jesus with highlights to these women was such a great way to tie everything together! In all, this is a great purchase for women of all ages, whether new to the faith or seasoned.

Melanie B.
Food for the spirit

I love not only how aesthetically pleasing this book is but it is such a great tool for my Bible study time.