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0121 - Digital Bonus

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0121 - Digital Bonus

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Even If - Habakkuk
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Customer Reviews

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Haley G.

I am really enjoying this study. So many applications for life today. Very thoughtful and deep look at Habakkuk.

Amanda C.
Great study

I really enjoyed this study. I've often found it difficult to understand many of the books of the Old testament, especially ones that don't get preached on much. This study really helped me gain understanding of this book and it's meaning. Can't wait to read my other studies I've purchased.

Kathryn G.
Even If

Having a digital copy of this study is so convenient! I love having it on my phone and can pull it out anywhere.

Matilda F.
Even If

In past years, I have studied Habakkuk with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). It came at a junction in my life called empty nest syndrome. Habakkuk’s questions resonated with me, but God’s answers to those questions have never stood out like they do in this study.

The background notes and extra readings in the back of the book have stimulated amazing discussions and deeper understanding of how God sees us when we are able to trust Him with our questions and doubts.

Our group chose this study because one of the group is struggling with questions and doubts. We agreed to honor her request to study this book. It has been encouraging to the whole group.

Thank you for this study

Monica D.
Very thorough

I love how convenient these digitals studies are. The study is very thorough and ensures that you soak up the Book that is being studied. They are so easy to use and great for tablets and mobile phones.