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0129 - Digital Bonus

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0129 - Digital Bonus

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Emotions and the Heart Study
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Kay D.

This digital bonus has been great! Awesome to have when I don't have my book on me.

Evelyn H.
My Favorite Study By Far

Emotions and the Heart is a BEAUTIFUL study that I deeply connected with and highly encourage people to read. Currently I am going a private group devotion book club on instagram called "Date with a Devotion" and this is the first study I wanted to share. Definitely give this one a shot, and if you are interested in Date With a Devotion, please check me out on instagram I promise it will be a God centered and beautiful time.

Emotions and the Heart

Read this study and been of great help for me and my friends during confusing seasons. This book has a lot of reminders and they are very noteworthy.

fredrickia j.
Love the Bible Study

I am currently using the emotion study with my be still journal and I am loving the messages and devotions. I am understanding how to connect my emotions with God and less with my flesh! This study is helping a lot.

Favorite study so far!

I have done at least a half a dozen DG studies at this point and this one is easily my favorite. It helped me see emotions through a different lens and understand why God gave us emotions and what His emotions mean (for example, why he’s “a jealous God” but we’re not supposed to be jealous). Highly recommend!