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0131 - Digital Bonus

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0131 - Digital Bonus

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Calls you out like God does, gently

Just like God does so many times in the Bible, this study will call you out on what you don’t see. So many topics in this book I thought wouldn’t relate to me because “I would know if I was putting that above God” but I was so blind to my false idols. Small things become big when it comes to a relationship with Christ. This study changed me and changed my relationship with Christ!

Julie R.
James The Steadfast Life

This study was amazing. It spoke directly to my soul. The weekly breakdown was wonderful. Each day brought new insight and new words from the Lord. This series is just what the Lord called me to hear at this time in my life.. Perfect for the person who is seeking to needs still your words and listen for the Lords voice

Marie S.
Favorite DGC Bible Study!

This is definitely my favorite study from The Daily Grace Co. I thought it was a five week study, but it is so rich in Truth that I’ve had to make it about 10 weeks, haha! Each day I read the passages of Scripture and then the first day I just meditated on the questions throughout the day. The second day I read the readings again, but this time wrote my answers in the book. I feel like that helped me really absorb and apply the information.

The first week was extra hard on me. I needed steel-toes boots because it was stepping in my toes. God showed me sin I didn’t even know was in my heart. The study isn’t based on a specific book of the Bible, but rather different passages of Scripture (not taken out of context) that are related to the idol theme of the day.

This study reminds of the the book, Idols of the Heart, by Fitzpatrick. I highly recommend that also if you want to keep pursuing God and destroying idols!

My favorite so far

I loved this study! It really makes you think about the things in your life that you may be (intentionally or not) putting before God.

Amanda L.
Wonderful Study!

A friend of mine had this study already. A group of us flipped through the book and decided to make it a group study. We all ordered one and loved it!