Abide Journal
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The Abide Journal Is an all in one prayer and Bible Study journal. It features tabs for Bible Study, Prayer, A Weekly Reflection of gratitude and adoration, and a notes section that can be used for sermon notes, quotes, or anything else.

The journal features study tabs between each section that have Scripture passages on them. It also includes sections with helpful tips on how to use the journal.

The journal is 6x8.75(without coil) and 232 pages long.



Customer Reviews

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Beautiful journal! My mother is going to love this Christmas gift.

Super helpful!

I just got this journal but absolutely love it! It really helps me understand how to best study scripture and constantly points me to learn Scripture better. It has a bible study, prayer, adoration, and note section. I carry this with me all the time!

A Very Helpful Tool

I purchased this journal as a gift. The recipient loves her journal! It is thoughtfully designed and it helps with any devotional (self paced or otherwise). Keep it up Daily Grace!

Abide Journal

The journal is beautiful, and it makes my organized heart happy. I just wished there were more pages in each section, especially the prayer, adore, and notes sections. But I love it!

Found what I've been looking for!

I have been looking for a prayer & bible study journal for a long time now and this one is perfect! What I love most about it is the sections that is asks what it says about the character of God and how we can apply it to our lives. I would love to also see a section that asks what is says about "man" or "humans" because this is also something I often study in the Bible.... 1) God, 2) man's sinful nature, and 3) how I can apply the word I just read to live IN God's design!