Better Together - His and Hers Bundle

Better Together - His and Hers Bundle

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This bundle includes one women's and one men's discipleship guide.

Better Together | A Guide for Discipleship

Do you have a desire to be in a discipleship relationship, but you aren’t sure where to start? Whether you want to disciple someone in the faith or you want to be discipled by someone, the Better Together guide will help you establish a healthy discipleship relationship where all involved will grow in spiritual maturity.

Better Together: A Guide for Discipleship is a resource that will: 

- Help you establish a flourishing discipleship relationship between two individuals or in the context of a small group

- Teach you how to articulate your testimony, share the gospel, study the Bible, and cultivate a life of prayer

- Provide sample accountability questions and a prayer log you can use to grow your discipleship relationship

- Give you the tips and tools you need to form deep, meaningful relationships with other believers

Special resources within study:

  • How to Use this Resource
  • How to Study the Bible
  • The Attributes of God
  • Metanarrative of Scripture
  • Accountability Questions
  • Tips for Evangelism
  • Prayer Prompts
  • What is the Gospel?

Key themes: Discipleship, Local Church, Accountability, Prayer, Bible Study, The Gospel, Evangelism


  • This study is designed to be done one on one in a discipleship relationship or in a small group setting.
  • Contains four sections of content that cover the themes of: Introduction to Discipleship, the Gospel, Bible study and Scripture memory, and a life of prayer. Each section contains 5-7 entries with material to read and discuss and reflection questions to answer.
  • Each person involved in the discipleship relationship should have their own copy of Better Together, and our leader’s companion includes optional supplemental material for the discipler.
  •  If you would like to continue your discipleship relationship after you have walked through the material in this guide, consider using the Better Together Journal to guide your study of God’s Word and discussion.
  • Measures 8X10
  • Includes 128 pages

*Due to the nature of this guide, it is only available in a physical book format through our website.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Olivia B.
A Simple But Useful Layout

I am not a words of affirmation person by nature and this journal has a simple layout that encourages me to intentionally write encouraging things to my husband. It also asks regular questions for me to reflect on. The more I reflect and work to put a good answer down, the more benefit we receive as a couple.

Amanda R.
Redemptive Love Bible study

I love how this study encourages you to read through the Bible, I have attempted on many occasions, but never been successful. Love how this provides reflection and guided focused.

Really good for both new and seasoned believers in Christ

Really good for both new and seasoned believers in Christ! I use this as a Guide for new believers and it is really helpful. This is my go to for discipleship. It is sound and I am confident in using it.

Ashley S.
Love the his and her sets

Haven't got the chance to study the his and her sets but excited to get in those asap and definitely felt led by the Lord to invest in them for my spouse and I. The study on idolatry has been a blessing to me so far from my recent purchases and already excited to get more studies and just dive all in as the Lord leads me throughout these different studies. God bless you all continually and ps. Love the podcast as well love listening as I sip on some coffee has been my routine as of late listening to you all open up with everyday life situations and how we can grow in the Lord through meditating on his word the way you all address the ways we can struggle in every day life but what we can learn from scripture as you go in depth of how we're called to reflect Jesus and his nature more and more and just humbling to hear and learn of new ways we can seek more of him to increase through us as we decrease by learning to apply the word to our own lives is speaking to me alot right now from listening to the podcast along with the Bible studies so thanks for sharing with us as much as I have loved walking with the Lord since he first called me out of darkness I'm feeling like this is a new journey as the Lord leads me toward the Daily grace co with being in a new refreshing season of where I truly believe I'm right where I'm meant to be with digging deeper learning to be still to meditate on who he is more and to attend on him more without distractions etc while listening to your all's faith chats and being poured into more and more while experiencing an overflow of his presence flooding throughout my veins the more I draw nigh he draws nigh to me and it's just so beautiful for sure especially after coming out of some really dark wilderness days of where all I could do is look to Christ to get me through to walk by faith not by sight
for the most part to be learning he is the only source of strength that could keep me going while learning
to preserve through him with learning to give it all to God as he carried me and my family through so much of that but no matter how hard some of that was it also taught us how faithful God is and definitely can say it taught me to be dependent on God which ultimately was so needful and worth it. Now it feels like I'm in a season of not necessarily learning to persevere near as much but moreso learning to embrace him in this season and I know the good Lord knows what he is doing and what seasons we need to be in as we follow him to keep being in step with his Holy Spirit guiding, equipping us for the battle, for the race, for the work he's drawing us into for his names sake, his rest, to be bearing fruit and learning how to be vessels that can shine his light into a dark world as his word is a lamp to our feet directing us as we follow and to be sharing with those around us to
be planting seeds / watering nevertheless God gives the increase. 🙌

Amanda H.
Beautiful book!

I didn’t start this bible study yet but I just bought my husband and me a copy and I’m so excited to do this together ! The book is so beautiful