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Bible Highlighting Guide

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Bible Highlighting Guide

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The Bible Highlighting Guide is a guide to using Bible highlighters to intentionally dig deeper into Scripture. The small book gives lots of tips on different ways you can highlight your Bible to help you create a system that works for you.

This book is designed to help you inductively study Scripture and make the most of your Bible study time while learning to use several different highlighting methods.

Highlighters are not included with this booklet.

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Customer Reviews

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Simple and superb

I love that this resource is portable and provides multiple forms of inspiration regarding ways to use your highlighters for a more thorough comprehension of scripture.

It’s also aesthetically beautiful and extremely affordable. This guide makes for a great gift/stocking stuffer as well. ❤️

Angelina M.
Absolutely Amazing

I love this highlighting guide so much! It has given me a ton of inspiration for how to effectively highlight the Bible and not just make it look pretty. I wish it was slightly bigger and had more information for its price but definitely would recommend buying when on sale!

Great resource, have been using for the Psalms!

This is a great little resource that can be used in a lot of ways. I have been using what I learned from this book and conjunction with the Psalms studies by Daily Grace. It's just really neat to have a system so you can quickly reference what each chapter is talking about. For example I highlight bad circumstances in the Psalms as orange and truths about God in green and praise to God in purple. That can just give you a very quick reference as to what this Psalm is talking about and see any repetitions and such. Great resource!


A very straightforward book that really helps you get started in studying Gods word in a deeper way. Definitely recommend

Ashlee P.

Literally bought a new bible just so I could use this highlight guide - so the highlighting I do has a rhyme and reason haha