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Bible Themes Course

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Bible Themes Course

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Bible Themes Course

Have you ever flipped through the pages of the Bible and wondered how all the different stories and testimonies relate to each other? Have you studied an Old Testament book like Malachi and then a New Testament book like Matthew, but didn’t quite understand how the two fit together? Do you struggle with finding gospel significance when reading the laws in Leviticus or the tribes in Numbers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

In this course, you will find five videos that show how understanding bible themes can illuminate the saving work of Christ in all of Scripture and thread seemingly separate parts of the Bible into a united whole.

The Bible Themes Course will:
Enrich your Bible study by introducing you to biblical themes and how to trace them throughout Scripture Teach you how to find Christ in all of Scripture—even in books like Leviticus and Numbers! Show you how to find connections between the Old Testament and New Testament, so that you can more deeply understand and apply biblical principles Give you practical tips for how to use the Bible Themes Handbook in personal or group Bible study

This course includes:
5 Videos and a PDF Workbook that accompanies the Bible Themes Handbook

Key Themes of Topics Covered:
 Biblical Theology, Metanarrative of Scripture, Christ in All of Scripture, Practical Bible Study Tools

This is a digital course with a digital download PDF workbook. No materials will be mailed to you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kristin F.
Bible Themes Course

This course has been wonderful! It has helped my Bible study skills so much, and I have grown closer in the word

Denysha M.
Bible Themes Course

Got this during a sale for only $5. So exciting! I love these courses, they’re extremely informative.

Carley R.
Bible Themes

This course lays excellent groundwork for understanding the Bible’s meta narrative and how to work with themes. I look forward to more courses!

Such a great bonus!

Great add on resource!

Bible Themes Course

The Bible Themes course was very helpful in assisting in my Bible studies. The book is great in how it lays out the themes. I love how it always point to the gospel message. So many studies just piece meal the Bible to fit their idea. The Bible themes provides a way for more in-depth study with God’s intended gospel message.