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Path to Purpose | A Study on the Book of Ecclesiastes

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Path to Purpose | A Study on the Book of Ecclesiastes

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Path to Purpose | A Study on the Book of Ecclesiastes

Path to Purpose is an in-depth, three week study on the book of Ecclesiastes. The book of Ecclesiastes reveals the despair and dissatisfaction that comes from a life apart from God and seeking after empty pursuits.

Throughout this study, you will learn the answers to common questions many ask today such as, “What is my purpose on earth?” and “What is the purpose of life?” Through Solomon’s teachings, you will receive wisdom from his quest for meaning and satisfaction and see how the path to purpose is found in Jesus Christ.

Special resources within the study:

* Study Suggestions 

* How to Study the Bible 

* Attributes of God 

* Timeline of Scripture 

* Metanarrative of Scripture 

* How to Read and Interpret Wisdom Literature

* Solomon as a Type of Christ

* What is the Gospel?


Key themes or topics covered: Our need for Christ, how to interpret wisdom literature, where to find true lasting hope, and more.

Details (size of book, number of pages, general layout):

* This study is perfect for individuals or groups.

* Each week contains 5 days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions.

* Measures 8” x 10”.

* Includes 128 pages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Another great study!

Definitely brought me more understanding of Ecclesiastics and understanding our collective purpose.

Kory A.
Love this!

There are parts of the book I’ve always had a difficult time understanding but thisreally helped me to focus on what id important in life which is God

Madison S.

Thankful for the convenience of being able to use the app for the study! Makes it easier to be on the go with less in my hands!

Jerry W.
Faith in Purpose Review

Great resource to study and learn about the beautiful book of poetry. I am enjoying it very much.

C. V.d.W.
So helpful for the big questions of life!

Lately I have been struggling in my waiting season with finding my purpose in life and I had hoped this study would help me. It was a bit different than expectes but still very lovely!

This book is not a study on your personal god given purpose, but mankinds purpose on this earth. The book focuses on big questions like: why do we suffer? What should I pursue? And this study lovingly points to the gospel again and again, giving hope!

Most of my DG studies are from 2021 but this is a newer one and I loved how they included a timeline in the front to see where this study fits within the whole gospel. I also loved the note taking pages they now included so that I could write my thoughts and prayers down.

And as always I am just amazed by how thourough Daily Grace studies are! I keep a Bible Commentary on the side for more depth but I hardly ever need it because DG studies already cover it all.

If you struggle with Ecclesiastics (or the big questions in life) than this is a great study! And the study itself has stunning graphics. The only thing that would have made it 5 stars for me, is if it wouls have also helped me find my personal purpose.