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Eden to Eternity | The Chronological Story of Scripture | Volume 1

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Eden to Eternity | The Chronological Story of Scripture | Volume 1

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Volume 1: 

Eden to Eternity: The Chronological Story of Scripture is a 4-volume study series that walks through the entire Bible chronologically over 365 days. This study highlights how the story of Scripture unfolds from creation to Revelation as the events occurred.

Eden to Eternity is designed to:

- Help you see and follow the storyline of Scripture

- Transform the way you understand Scripture by illuminating God’s promises and the ways He has fulfilled them in Christ

- Give you a fresh perspective on familiar passages by showing how they fit into the unfolding narrative of God’s plans and purposes

- Make it possible for you to read and study the entire Bible in 1 year in just about 20 minutes a day. 

Volume 1 covers the books of Genesis, Job, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and Judges 1-5. 

Each day includes a brief summary and explanation of that day’s Bible reading that will help you understand the text and place it chronologically in history, as well as daily reflection questions that will help you apply the text to your life.

This study series pairs well with the Eden to Eternity journal set. Also be sure to check out our trailer and subscribe to the Year in the Bible with Daily Grace podcast because on January 1, 2023, we will start season 2, which follows a chronological Bible reading plan and coincides perfectly with this bundle!

This study series includes new content and some content adapted from the Story of Redemption study series.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Hannah M.
Very helpful

I made a goal this year to read the Bible in its entirety in chronological order. Once getting started I found it a bit overwhelming, this study helped me so much. It made everything organized and broken down into small sections that I could work on every day. It deepened my faith and I enjoyed it so much, I bought the other volumes as well.

Beth P.
Next level

All I can say is wow, this is incredible! This year is the 3rd year in a row I have attempted to read through the Bible in a year - it can be tough to commit to and if I'm honest just down right discouraging to not really grasp the passage or the point. What a game changer the Eden to Eternity series has been! Every day I look forward to the daily reading, knowing that I have this companion to help explain the passage. Each day not only gives context and even cross-references other passages, but it gives application to today and why this is important to us now (yep, even those Old Testament laws). Highly recommend!! And don't forget to tune into the podcast each day, which takes the study even a step further - what a blessing this has been! It makes me excited to dig into God's word each day and go through even the difficult parts of Scripture to see the history and how it reveals God's perfect plan of redemption.

Stephanie R.
Very Helpful Study

From Eden to Eternity has helped me so much in understanding books from the Old Testament. In addition, I love the chronological design of the study. This really helped me to put the books of the OT in a different perspective.

Jennifer K.

This study is absolutely incredible. I have been loving how throught provoking the questions are. It has really made me dig deeper into the Bible.

Alexandra S.
Wonderful Book!

I’ve been searching for Bible study accompaniments that don’t simply say “list what this verse says.” This has been a wonderful companion to use to explore various themes and how the scriptures can relate to day to day life. I will most definitely continue using Daily Grace as I work my way through the Bible !