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Eden to Eternity | The Chronological Story of Scripture | Volume 2 - Men

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Eden to Eternity | The Chronological Story of Scripture | Volume 2 - Men

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Volume 2: 

Eden to Eternity: The Chronological Story of Scripture is a 4-volume study series that walks through the entire Bible chronologically over 365 days. This study highlights how the story of Scripture unfolds from creation to Revelation as the events occurred. 

Eden to Eternity is designed to:

- Help you see and follow the storyline of Scripture

- Transform the way you understand Scripture by illuminating God’s promises and the ways He has fulfilled them in Christ

- Give you a fresh perspective on familiar passages by showing how they fit into the unfolding narrative of God’s plans and purposes

- Make it possible for you to read and study the entire Bible in 1 year in just about 20 minutes a day. 

Volume 2 covers the books of Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, some chapters of Psalms, 1 Chronicles, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, Song of Songs, Proverbs, 2 Chronicles, and Ecclesiastes. 

Each day includes a brief summary and explanation of that day’s Bible reading that will help you understand the text and place it chronologically in history, as well as daily reflection questions that will help you apply the text to your life.

This study series includes new content and some content adapted from the Story of Redemption study series.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Jennifer C.C.
Wonderful study

I am new to Bible studies and this is such an easy format to follow. The book is beautiful! I love the app version and the associated podcasts as well!

Nicole B.
Such a beautiful study

My bible study is absolutely loving this book! We've done a few different Daily Grace studies and were so excited to get into Genesis, and we're having such a good time really digging into God's word right from the beginning. The questions are incredible!

Tori S.
Great walkthrough!

I have really enjoyed this study of the Bible chronologically. This volume has been especially helpful in understanding the books of the Bible that focus on law and genealogy. The questions are set up to give you a deeper understanding of sections that can be a bit difficult/tedious to read or understand the significance.

Zury R.
In Love!

Absolutely love the questions in the booklet! It really allows me to study more in depth with guidance instead of on my own.

Amanda V.
Worth every moment in The Word

I have enjoyed every moment of every daily grace co study I have worked through. I love the Eden to eternity chronological study because I am not just reading the entire bible in a year, but truly studying it and search the word has built my understanding of studying the Bible to such a deep level