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Fix Your Focus - A 52-Week Guide to Help You Put God First

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Fix Your Focus - A 52-Week Guide to Help You Put God First

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Do you struggle to make time for God?

Fix Your Focus is a 52-week guide that will help you put God first in your schedule. This resource will:

  • Provide a weekly step-by-step guide to center your life on Christ
  • Help you organize your to-do list and prioritize how you spend your time
  • Assist you in preparing spiritually for the week and tasks ahead
  • Guide you to journal, pray, and meditate on Scripture
  • Encourage participation in spiritual disciplines like serving, fasting, rest, and fellowship

Fix Your Focus contains 52 weeks of prompts. Each week’s prompts are meant to be completed at the start of the week to prepare your heart and mind to focus on God. You may want to use a planner or calendar and a journal alongside Fix Your Focus. Every week contains Scripture to meditate on and a short gospel-centered truth to speak over yourself and the week ahead. We suggest using a planner or calendar and a blank journal, such as The Gospel Changes Everything Journal alongside Fix Your Focus.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Love!! Great with my planner

I love this , guides me for the week and I love the setup. I hope you make a new one soon! Thank you!!

Love it!!!

I absolutely love this! As a 21 year old in todays society - growing my connection with God and finding time for God is SO difficult. But this guide allows me to have time and breakdown how to!! It’s amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it!

Fix Your Focus

Great especially for beginners to the Bible/new believers who need some guidance to creatively stay focused on God.
This format makes us pick up and think we have to star the guide at the beginning of the year but starting any other time is ok 👌🏼 Starting mid-year is like picking back up the new year’s resolution to focus on Him.

destiny e.
I love this book1

This book breaks each week down into tasks and even helps you stay organized not only with your reading and your studies but also with day to day tasks!

Rachel B.
Love it!

I love how this book breaks down each week into tasks to spend more time focused on the Lord. I enjoy my time spent journaling each day.