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Gospel-Centered Fatherhood

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Gospel-Centered Fatherhood

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At the end of a long day of parenting, have you ever found yourself thinking, “I have no idea what I’m doing. How do I disciple my kids and share with them the wonders of Christ?” If so, you're asking the right questions, and we have written this resource to help you get the answers you need.

Gospel-Centered Fatherhood will:

* Eliminate purposeless parenting by providing clear, biblical purpose for fathers

* Equip fathers to avoid moralistic parenting and instead point their kids to the hope of the gospel

* Guide fathers to discipline their kids in a way that points them to Christ

* Remind weary fathers that they don’t parent alone and in their own strength

* Challenge fathers to leave behind idols and embrace the joy of gospel-centered fatherhood

Gospel-Centered Fatherhood is an easy-to-understand resource containing 18 entries accompanied by Bible verses to meditate on as well as reflection questions. It deals with issues relevant to every Christian father, such as the purpose of fatherhood, balancing priorities, idols of the heart, daily discipleship of your children, anger and forgiveness, and how to connect with your kids. It’s a perfect companion to our bestselling booklet Gospel-Centered Motherhood.

Special resources within the booklet:

* Scripture for Meditation

* Reflection Questions

* “What Is the Gospel?” Extra

Key themes: purpose, discipleship, idolatry, fatherhood, the gospel, parenting


* This study is perfect for individuals or small groups..

* Measures 5.5”x8.5”

* Includes 84 pages

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