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Gospel Hope in Grief and Loss

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Gospel Hope in Grief and Loss

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This world is broken. We all experience loss, whether the loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream, or the loss of innocence. We grieve and mourn the pain of this world. But although we will endure hardship and grief in this life, God does not leave us alone in our suffering. Rather, He enters into our pain. He comforts us and soothes our wounds. He invites us into Himself. 

This booklet examines the emotional, physical, and spiritual effects of grief. It discusses common responses to grief such as despair, fatigue, anger, memory loss, apathy, and hopelessness and reminds us of the hope found in Scripture: the promise of a compassionate, present, and loving God.

This 5.5”x8.5” booklet explores the topic of grief in Scripture while providing workbook pages, hymns, and prompts to help someone who is grieving. It also gives guidance for how to help a grieving friend.

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Gospel Hope in Grief and Loss

Great gift to give to someone who has experienced a loss of loved one or is walking through a season of grief! It's such an encouragement and helps the individual process while pointing them to the hope we have in Christ!

Gospel Hope in Grief and Loss

Gifted this to a friend after the loss of her brother. This is such a help to those going through a tough time of grief and loss.

Sarah S.

I ordered the Gospel Hope in Grief and Loss after my sister died. And it has been a blessing in my life and has ministered to me! I am thankful I bought it. Highly recommend for one who is grieving.

Lorinda W.
Practical tips

I love the practical advice at the end of this book on how to care for friends dealing with grief.

Kaitlin A.
What a comfort for me!

This resource has helped me so much while processing the death of my mom. Please make more grief resources!