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Hymns for the Anxious Heart

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Hymns for the Anxious Heart

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Have you ever felt the weight of fear, worry, and anxiety? We've created this Hymns for the Anxious Heart as a tool for those wrestling with heavy thoughts. 

This 5.5” x 8.5” booklet contains 20 hymns with reflections and prayers to encourage those who are anxious to trust and rest in Jesus. 

These hymns reflect truths from Scripture and the hope of the gospel to provide peace and comfort for the anxious heart.

This booklet makes for a great gift to give a friend who needs a little extra encouragement.

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Customer Reviews

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Emilia H.
Makes me weep happy tears

Just looking at the list of hymns in this resource makes me get emotional and start crying happy tears. Just the titles alone is enough to take me back to growing up in a denominational church (now I attend a non-denominational). Can't wait to dive into this, especially with my job being as stressful as it is.

Elizabeth M.
Edifying Truth!

This little book is filled with biblical truth both in the hymns and commentary. The hymns they chose to include are all extremely edifying. I'm even considering giving this book to a coworker who isn't a Christian but struggles with anxiety. Through the pages she'll see what's available to her through Jesus--and only through Jesus. An edifying book for many!

Patti P.
Hymns for the Anxious Heart

I love this book and have bought multiple copies to give as gifts. These hymns are based on scripture and so encouraging. I highly recommend it!

Emily R.
A wonderful resource for anxiety!

This is such a help for someone with an anxious heart and mind.

Hymns For the Anxious Heart

Thank you so much for this incredible resource. It has truly blessed me.