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Mercy in the Storm - a Study on the Book of Jonah - Men

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Mercy in the Storm - a Study on the Book of Jonah - Men

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Mercy in the Storm - a Study on the Book of Jonah
Jonah is more than a story about a big fish and a wayward prophet. The story of this minor prophet is ultimately about the patience of God and His undeserved mercy towards sinners. The Lord pursues the outsider to welcome him into His family, and He goes to great lengths to sanctify His own. Jonah reminds us that the gospel is good news for all people.

Mercy in the Storm | A Study on the Book of Jonah is a 4-week study that equips believers to:
• Recognize how God uses imperfect people to bring out His perfect purposes.
• Rest in God’s sovereignty in all things.
• Identify and repent from the ways we run from God and His plan for our lives.
Special resources within study:
  • Jonah’s Journey
  • Literary Devices in Jonah
  • Jonah and Jesus
Key themes: Holiness, Righteousness, God’s Patience, Obedience, Idolatry, God’s Sovereignty
  • This study is perfect for individuals or groups.
  • Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions.
  • Measures 8x10
  • Includes 120 pages
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Customer Reviews

Based on 384 reviews
Rob F.
More than anything

More than anything-loving God more than anything else has been a wonderful encouragement in our student ministry with teen girls! Of course it’s for anyone/any age, but that’s how we chose to use the study here and love it!

Brie G.
Life-Changing Study of Jonah

Wow. This is the first Daily Grace Co. study I've done, and I am beyond impressed. The theological richness of this study is not lost in its digestibility. Every day's reflection has enhanced my understanding of the prophet Jonah's narrative; it's written this book of the bible on my heart in new and exciting ways! I never knew there could be so much NEW to discover in Jonah -- a story I've heard a hundred times over in my lifetime. And yet, here I am, in awe every day of what I'm learning about God's graciousness and mercy despite Jonah's selfish intentions. I've been talking about this study to all my friends because I just cannot get enough. It's truly revitalized my bible study time and turned it into a craving! Cannot recommend this enough.

Jennifer K.
Preaching the Gospel to Yourself is Refreshing

At first, I was a bit cautious about purchasing this item as I have been a Christian for many years and was concerend it would be too basic of a study. I was pleasantly suprised as we used it for an online women's Bible study. While the concepts and scriptures were highly familar, I was so blessed by the fresh perspectives presented by the author. In addition that that, these studies Daily Grace Co. are absolutely beautiful. I feel like I am treating myself to an expensive magazine or coffee table book when I open up the study!

Tammy H.
Learning so much ...

Oh my goodness, where do I start? When you're young you learn about Jonah and the big fish who swallow him. But there's so much more about this story. How Pagans realize who the real God is. How God has mercy on even them, what a merciful God we have. How the gospel is connected to this story, how God showed mercy to Jonah when he was angry with God. How God uses believers to get unbelievers to believe. I love this Bible study. I've learned so much. Thank you so much 💓

Glenna H.
Great study

A great way for the men in my life to get into the Word. It’s such a blessing to find good Bible study resources for men.