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Behold: A Study of the New Testament | Volume 1 | Matthew - Luke - Men

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Behold: A Study of the New Testament | Volume 1 | Matthew - Luke - Men

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Behold: A Study of the New Testament
Have you been wanting to read the Bible consistently but aren’t sure where to start? Or do you struggle to find the time to dig into God’s Word? Our newest four-volume, year-long study—Behold: A Study of the New Testament—will take you on a journey through the entire New Testament. Each day’s reading covers one chapter from the New Testament and includes a brief summary and explanation of that chapter intended to help you understand the text. Each entry also includes daily reflection questions that will help you apply the text to your life. Behold: A Study of the New Testament is designed to:

Help you grasp the major themes in each book of the New Testament.
Assist you in understanding the context of each book.
Give you a fresh perspective on familiar passages by showing you how they point to Christ.
Make it possible for you to read and study the entire New Testament in one year in just fifteen minutes a day and five days a week.

Volume 1 covers: Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast, A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace, because on January 1, 2024, we will start season three, which will pair with this study and walk through the entire New Testament in a year!

This series is perfect for individuals
Measures 8.5” x 11”
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Customer Reviews

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Love this

I love this so much! Eden to Eternity was amazing and I knew I would love this. Diving deeper into just one chapter a day, I feel like that’s so special and you can glean so much from that!

Jill W.
Behold- Volume 1

I am doing a bible study on the NT with my family and then I found the Behold: A Study of the New Testament | Volume 1 | Matthew - Luke. It has made a huge difference. It shows me different ways of looking at things and the questions that it asks, makes me go back and reread verses to see how I really feel. I am going to get the next 3 volumes, as well!

Behold bundle

I love the layout of the study. It is easy to follow and deepens your understanding of the passages. However, I’ve searched and emailed the team and never received an access code for the app.

Good study for gospels

I’m halfway through my study and it has connected me with the scriptures and has given me growth in my faith. Got the men one for my husband too.

Great Study!

My mom, sister and I have been going through this study together! I’ve love how it is Bible focused and making you be in the Bible! The authors did a phenomenal job also!

We are happy y'all like and enjoy the resource.