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Old Testament Books of the Bible Cards - Kids

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Old Testament Books of the Bible Cards - Kids

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This is a set of 40 cards that measure 4x6. The set includes 39 cards plus a cover card. Each book card has a key verse, the theme of the book, and a brief explanation of the book.
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Customer Reviews

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I'm planning to use these cards to teach my Pre-K Sunday School class about the books of the Bible. They look perfect!

Kristen K.
Old Testament Books of the Bible Cards

These cards are great! Perfect for teaching the kids and excellent quality!

Kristin w.

These are so perfect and not just for kids! They are a great tool for review for anyone! My daughter loves flipping through them and learning about each book without being overwhelmed with information! These are so great and we will definitely be utilizing them everyday!

Stacey B.
Fantastic for teaching littles the books of the Bible!

I bought a set of both Old and New Testaments for my Bible class for 4 year olds a few months ago. I laminated them and then put them on metal rings to flip through the cards as we sing the Old and New Testament songs. They love it! By the end of the quarter, the 4 year olds were saying their Old Testament books really well! Thank you for coming out with a product that kids of all ages can enjoy! The illustrations really keep their attention!

Jaeden M.

I love these cards. We have both sets Old & New Testament Books Of The Bible Cards and my children and I all adore this resource. We use them daily in the evening and they have amazed me with how quickly they memorized these! We are so impressed and enjoy everything we have gotten from daily grace co. ♡