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Praise | Psalms 91-120

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Praise | Psalms 91-120

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We are called, as believers, to worship the Lord, but what does this look like practically in our everyday lives? How do we worship God in every season, including seasons of pain and suffering?

Praise is an in-depth study of Psalms 91–120 that helps us understand how we can live worshipful lives throughout every season of life. This study encourages our hearts to give God glory and spread His glory over the earth as we share the good news of Jesus Christ.

This study is 6 weeks long. Each week includes 5 days of study with study questions. Each week also includes reflection questions and verses for Scripture memorization, as well as a hymn inspired by one of the psalms from that week to encourage deepened worship.

This study will:

  • Aim to stir your affections for the Lord
  • Encourage you to rest in the might and holy character of God 
  • Point to Jesus, who is the fulfillment of Psalms
  • Remind you of God’s love, the hope of the gospel, and the greatness of God, who is worthy of our praise

Special resources within the study:

  • Study Suggestions 
  • How to Study the Bible 
  • Attributes of God 
  • Timeline of Scripture 
  • Metanarrative of Scripture 

Key themes or topics covered: praise, holiness, glory, reverence, and more

Details (size of book, number of pages, general layout):

  • This study is perfect for individuals or groups.
  • Each week contains 5 days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions.
  • Measures 8” x 10”.
  • Includes 176 pages.

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Customer Reviews

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Praise study

This is amazing!! So visually pleasing, but also a great resource to understand god better and give him the praise he deserves.

Alyssa B.

Absolutely love it!!

Linda O.
Digital bonus

I love the digital bonus that comes with the studies. The recent one on Psalms is so good. Having a digital copy makes it easy to quickly reference when not at home with the book. It's easy because it can go with me as I go about my day. Highly recommend

Beautiful study

As usual, great content, can't wait to start this one.