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Prayers for Unbelievers Verse Card Set

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Prayers for Unbelievers Verse Card Set

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Relationships with unbelievers can be difficult. We so desperately want the people we love to know Jesus, but at times, we may not know what to do. In fear of pushing our unbelieving family and friends away, we may be tempted to remain silent. Though we feel helpless, God strengthens and encourages us to pray. Through prayer, we can participate in the saving work Jesus is doing in the hearts of sinners. 

This set of 15 cards includes prompts to intercede for specific unbelievers in your life. One side of each card has a verse, and the other side has a corresponding prayer request.

These cards are made of heavy weighted professional card stock. The small 4x4” size makes them easy to take with you as you go about or day or place them around your house as a reminder to intercede for unbelievers all around you.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Makenzie E.

These have been so helpful with getting me to focus better during prayer. And they’re beautiful!

Kim A.
Much Needed….

These cards have been something I have been wanting to have. My husband told me 3yrs ago that he doesn’t love Jesus anymore and hates Christianity. I have been trying to find ways to pray for him and comfort my own soul and these have been great.

Amy B.
5 Stars!

I'm so pleased with my order. These are just what I needed to guide my practice of prayer for my family and friends who are unbelievers. I got them on sale too which was an added bonus and value.

Tara P.
Keeps Me Focused in Prayer

The Prayers for Unbelievers Verse Card Set has helped me and our group to stay focused on praying for those in need of new life in Jesus. The prompts on each card, which we try to do one daily, helps remind me to pray for those that often are not the first to come to mind.

Tori M.
Best spiritual supplies to use with Bible

The creativity of each product, the quick shipping, great sale price, easy use and more
Is hands down perfect , I’m obsessed with this store. Thank you !!