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The God That Comes Near - Haggai Study - Men

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The God That Comes Near - Haggai Study - Men

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The God That Comes Near is a study of the tiny book of Haggai that is tucked in the often forgotten minor prophets. Several months ago we asked which section of the Bible that you wish you knew more about, and so many of you said the Minor Prophets! We are so thrilled to spend some time in the book of Haggai and uncover the rich truth in this small book.
In just 38 verses of this short book, we are reminded of truth that is timeless. We are urged to fix our gaze on the Lord, to find our hope in His Word, and to find hope in His name. The book of Haggai is a call to worship and a reminder of the faithfulness of our God.
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Customer Reviews

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This is a gift that I know will be appreciated.

Great Study

Really enjoyed doing this study right after Hababkuk. You see what is coming in Hababkuk, and what the result is after in Haggai. This is a great study to remind us to keep our eyes on God and not on everything else around us.

Emily Y.
In depth

Because the book of Haggai is so intertwined in other books I knew I needed a guided study. This one is very well written.

Haggai Study

I didn't even know there was a Book of Haggai in the Holy Bible to be honest. I need to stay in the Word and Truth and learn all I can. I am so desperate for God and I need to know more about Him. The Daily Grace Co. creates beautiful studies. I am so thrilled to begin this. I tell my friends and family about The Daily Grace Co. Hopefully they too start ordering!

Wonderful Study

I just started this study and I would not have dived as deeply into Haggai without it. I can’t even really recall hearing a sermon from Haggai! I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn more from God’s Word and about Haggai’s prophetic ministry with this study!