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The Names of God

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The Names of God

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We may be used to calling God “God,” but did you know the Bible calls God many other names as well?

The Names of God is a quiet-time companion that goes through 50 different names of God found in Scripture. Each entry is designed to deepen your knowledge about God’s character and purposes, as well as teach you how to apply these truths of who God is to your daily life and circumstances.

With beautiful design and language, The Names of God will encourage your devotion to and worship of God as you learn more about who He is.

Filled with inspiring photography and top-notch production quality, this book is sure to become a treasured resource in your home.

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Customer Reviews

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D G.
Names of God

I love drawing close to God and learning more about His character. The study on His many names does just that for me. If you are looking for an excellent way to draw close to God and to know His heart. I would suggest this study.

Hillary S.
Great Resource!

When reading through the books thus far, I am able to clearly understanding the different names with origin they are speaking of our Creator. It is a resourceful book with a beautiful aesthetic for easy placement on a coffee table or other display. Great purchase!

So thorough!

I’ve seen books on the Names of God before, but never one this thorough. I love that there is an application in each description. You not only learn about who God says He is, but how it impacts your relationship to Him.


I always enjoy reading about God's names. I had assumed that there would be more definitions/references to the original languages of the names, but that is not the case. It is more of a devotional related to the name without much literal explanation given. Still a lovely book.

Megan Y.

This is an excellent study, but also so beautiful. It is a great coffee table book. Of course, I also loved reading through the study and learning more about the names of God. It explores the many characteristics of our gracious, loving Father. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to deepen their relationship and understanding of God.