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The Story of Redemption Vol. 3 - Men

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The Story of Redemption Vol. 3 - Men

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The Story of Redemption is a four volume study that walks through the entire Bible in one year. This study highlights how each chapter of the Bible points to Jesus Christ and where it fits in the big picture story of Scripture, the story of redemption. Each day includes written content that covers an average of three chapters to help you understand and apply the text, as well as daily reflection questions.

This book covers Proverbs - Malachi


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The Bible tells one big story of redemption, and we want to spend five minutes every day journeying through the Bible from start to finish. In each episode, one of the hosts will talk through a few chapters of the Bible. We will explore how all of it points to Jesus, where it fits into the story of Scripture, and how the truth of God’s Word impact our lives.

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Customer Reviews

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Julia S.
Great for on the go

I love that I can access my study anywhere anytime. While I prefer to have the physical copy with me, it’s nice to know I can access it when traveling light!

Brea P.
The Story of Redemption- Amazing!!

I have enjoyed reading through the Bible with this study! It really helps me focus in on the storyline, details, and meanings.

Phylicia K.
Love this study!

I’m currently doing this study with my Bible Study group and absolutely love it. The aesthetics and images are a plus! Love all of their studies!

Liz H.
Love it!!

Absolutely love this study! I love how each study goes through the passages we've just read and explains how it points back to Christ. Also the books are gorgeous

Keona H.
So excited to use!

The study books are so beautifully designed and I love that each book of the Bible is outlined in a way that makes sense to me. It motivates me to get into the Word! Love this bundle already!