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Thirty Truths for Common Lies for Teens

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Thirty Truths for Common Lies for Teens

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Lies are all around us—on the internet, in books, on social media, and so much more. But we also hear lies in our minds. We experience thoughts that confuse, condemn, and criticize us. It can be hard to battle these lies because they can awaken our insecurities and challenge our faith. But, even though lies are difficult, they do not have to disarm us.

Thirty Truths for Common Lies for Teens explores 30 common lies teens often battle and teaches how to combat them with the truth of God’s Word. Some lies include “I need a relationship to be loved,” “God does not love me,” and “I don’t fit in.”

This booklet will help teens confront and overcome the lies they often wrestle with and will encourage them to rest in gospel-centered truths.

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Customer Reviews

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Great for Teens and Adults!

I work as a supervisor at a Christian camp in Wisconsin and my department studied through this devotional and the girls LOVED it! It was so encouraging to biblically work through the lies the world tells us and that we tell ourselves and know how to combat them with God's Word. This resource holds so much truth for both teens and adults and I highly encourage purchasing and studying this devotional!

Shannon C.
Excellent resource!

This is a great resource to start conversations with teens. It covers so many topics that our teens struggle with everyday. Good for them to read alone or with you!

Truth For Teens

I love this devotional for teens. It has helped a lot with getting a small bible study together for the teen youth prayer service I was running. It gives our teens a lie that they are trying to overcome with scripture to back why it is a lie according to the WORD! Which is helpful for teens who are trying to a life inside the world but of God.

Perfect for New Christians and Old Christians

This devotional opened my eyes so much more to what God has in store. I feel like it is perfect for people who are first stepping into their faith or are still not sure what God’s truth is. It teaches on what society says versus the truth, which is what God says. As someone who has been a Christian her whole life, this gave me a better understanding of the Christian faith and made me feel better about myself while using the Bible to back up the truths. I highly recommend this devotional to anyone, whether you’re old or new in your faith!

So encouraging!

This book has beautiful pictires, and uses scripture to battle every lie. So amazing to help you conquer the lies that the world fights you with.