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Together Marriage Journal

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Together Marriage Journal

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The Together Marriage Journal is a marriage tool to help you communicate with your spouse, pray for your spouse, and encourage your spouse. The journal is designed to be flexible to be able to be used by one or both spouses. You can either talk through the pages and record the answers together, or you can use it on your own as a way to intentionally plan to encourage and pray for your spouse throughout the week.

Each day is broken down into several sections:

What encouraged you last week is a time to talk about or record the good things that happened in the past week.

What struggles/frustrations did you have last week is a space to write down and communicate the burdens of the past week.

What is God teaching you is a space to help you and your spouse talk about how God is working in your lives, what you are learning from Scripture, or anything else that God is doing in your heart.

How can I pray for you this week is a simple question that can spark deep conversation and help you to know how to pray for each other.

What can I do to help or encourage you this week is a way to think ahead to your week and plan to encourage and help throughout the way.

What do you need from me this week is a final question to ask each other to help you get on the same page for the week ahead and help each other.

The Love Notes section is a spot to write a bit of encouragement for your spouse.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Vanessa F.
Game Changer!

Great way to help strengthen your marriage, I highly recommend!

Zowie T.
Wonderful Tool for Marriage

My husband and I recently got married, and we are still settling into our new life. This journal has allowed us to escape the busy schedule of life and meet God in the middle of the chaos with one another to really dive into how we are doing. I recommend this for all newlywed Christian couples!


I am really looking forward to using this new journal! It is very high quality and the prompts will be really helpful.

Helps us connect each week

This is such a great tool for couples! It engages us in questions we would not have thought to ask. So good for communication!

Lauren P.
An Amazing Tool!

My husband and I started using this a few weeks ago and it Has been an amazing conversation starter and helped connect us. I highly recommend it!