A Prayer for Election Day 2022

A Prayer for Election Day 2022

Father in Heaven, 

You are the Maker and Creator of all things. 

You reign over heaven and earth, visible and invisible. 

You reign over all rulers and authorities. 

You reign over kingdoms and nations. 

All things were created by You, through You, and for You. 

Your Word reminds us that nothing exists outside of Your sovereign rule. 

You number and order our days. 

You know all things from beginning to end. 

You are never surprised. 

Your plans and purposes are never thwarted. 

You sustain all things by Your powerful Word.

You claim every perfect attribute of power, authority, and dominion in Your nature. 

You are trustworthy in Your ways. 

You love justice and peace. 

You are kind and compassionate toward Your people. 

You are slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. 

You are righteous and good. 

You are faithful and true. 

You uphold every promise You make.  

We praise You for all that You are—even that which we cannot fathom or comprehend. 

As we look around, Lord, we see division in our nation. 

We see evidence of responding poorly to the gifts You have given us. 

We have been tempted toward wealth and greed. 

We have sought to build up ourselves and our own dreams over You. 

We have neglected our neighbors and undervalued human life. 

We have avoided peace and rejected unity among our brothers. 

We have been consumed with fear, anger, and hatred. 

We have sought our own truth and believed the lies of this world. 

We have tried to find our rest and comfort in the temporal things of this land. 

Thank You for showing mercy to us. 

You have not withheld your common graces. 

You continue to bring us to repentance. 

You continue to soften unbelieving hearts. 

You continue to restore and redeem what is broken. 

You continue to unite amidst division. 

You continue to shine light in the darkness. 

You continue to pierce our hearts with the unchanging truth of Your Word. 

You continue to remind us that this place is not our home. 

As the election looms, we must vote for people to lead our cities and nation. 

May we be reminded of the human limitations of any leader. 

Help us fight the temptation to place our ultimate hope in our leaders. 

Help us fight the lie that our leaders can restore all that is broken, rather let us look to You for redemption and restoration.

May we recognize and exercise our right to vote with diligence and thoughtfulness.  

But may we do so with trust and dependence, knowing that every elected official is established under Your rule and reign. 

We pray and ask that You would give us wisdom and discernment as we consider our options. 

We pray You would give us peace and contentment in the decisions we make. 

We pray You would give us kindness and compassion as we engage with our peers. 

We pray You would give us gentleness and humility as we assess our limited perspectives. 

Anywhere we go, remind us that You go before us. 

In everything we face, remind us that You sustain us. 

May You bless and keep us in the days to come. 

May our lives always reflect utmost allegiance to You. 

Above all else, help us to find ultimate hope and comfort in You. 

In Jesus’s Name,


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