How To Choose A Bible Study

How To Choose A Bible Study

In today’s world, options can seem endless. What should I eat for dinner? How should we spend our weekend? What color should I paint the bathroom? And as we approach our Bible, we can feel daunted by the questions, “Where should I start?” or “What should I read next?” Thankfully, The Daily Grace Co. has numerous Bible studies to help you in your journey to know and love God’s Word. Here are a few helpful tips to consider when choosing a Bible study:

Determine Your Bible Study Goals 

Before you choose a study, take a moment to consider your Bible study goals for your current season. Are you a beginner wanting to study the Bible for the first time? Are you seasoned in your faith and would like a challenge? Are you wanting to grow in a spiritual discipline? Slowing down to consider your Bible study goals will help you narrow down your options and find a study that is most appropriate in your season.

Consider Your Time When Choosing a Bible Study

The Daily Grace Co.® studies vary in time commitment but typically range between three to ten week studies. Understanding the amount of time you desire to commit to a particular study is helpful when narrowing down your options. Whether you’re a mother juggling littles or a college student digging into God’s Word for the first time, a young professional, or a retiree, God’s Word is worth the time investment. See the list below for examples of longer and shorter studies within The Daily Grace Co.® Shop

Longer Bible Studies 

Come and See | The Gospel of John | Ten-Week Study

Romans Vol. 1 | Eight-Week Study

Between Grief and Glory | Lamentations | Seven-Week Study

Chosen | Ephesians | Seven-Week Study

Shorter Bible Studies

He Leads Me | Psalm 23 | Two-Week Study

Esther | Three-Week Study

Even If | Habakkuk | Three-Week Study

Emotions of the Heart | Bible Study on Emotions | Four-Week Study

Fighting With Faith | Philippians | Four-Week Study

Preaching The Gospel To Yourself | Four-Week Study

Consider the Type of Bible Study You’d Like to Do 

When browsing our study collection, you may find yourself asking, “Should I read a topical study or a book of the Bible study?” This is a great question! First, let us look at the difference between these two types of studies. “Books of the Bible” studies walk chapter by chapter, and sometimes verse by verse, through a particular book of the Bible. Topical studies trace a theme or topic throughout Scripture from beginning to end, or Genesis to Revelation, showcasing what God’s Word concludes about the topic. No matter the study you choose, each work will show how all of Scripture points to God’s plan of redemption through His Son, Jesus. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge (and Give Grace to) Yourself 

Approaching God’s Word can, at times, be intimidating. We may be tempted to dwell in the parts of the Bible we find familiar. However, God’s Word tells us that all Scripture is inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16). Therefore, every verse holds significance. The Bible also encourages us that all of scripture is profitable for teaching, for correcting, for rebuking, and for training in righteousness. You really cannot go wrong! Finding a Bible study is a great way to dive into a book of the Bible that you have never personally read before. Even if you are nervous about diving into the Old Testament or committing to a lengthy Bible reading plan, be encouraged. God has a treasure trove of truth to teach you through Scripture that you have never read before. There is never a bad time to begin reading God’s Word!

However, as great as it is to challenge yourself, grant yourself grace in the process. Different seasons contain different time capacities. God loves when the empty-nester takes intentional time to deeply study His Word. But He also is glorified when the exhausted newborn momma meditates on a verse in the wee hours of the morning. In every season of life, we are called to position ourselves in the presence of Christ. When choosing a study, consider your present circumstances. What could you benefit from learning? How can you be refined in this season? What truths from Scripture are you struggling to believe?

Use Your Biblical Resources 

On The Daily Grace Co.’s® website, we have a variety of helpful tools to assist you as you are choosing your study! Try the Choose a Bible Study page to glance at quick descriptions and details of our studies. 

Our Customer Delight Team is available on Mondays–Fridays to assist you as well! Our team loves to answer questions and help you choose a study that is right for you! To contact our Customer Delight Team, click on the chat in the lower right corner on our website. 

Finally, try utilizing our filter features on our Bible Studies Page! This page allows you to filter through our studies by topic and book of the Bible. 

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Search for the topic in the search bar of our website in the upper right-hand corner. Likely, you will find a booklet, blog, or podcast episode about the topic you are searching for. If not, we invite you to send any content suggestions to our team at!

Below are a few suggestions for studies from The Daily Grace Co.® shop!

Places to Start: For those new to reading your Bible

Amen Study 

Come and See | The Gospel of John

Attributes of God

Growing in Spiritual Disciplines: For those wishing to dive deeper


Sharing Our Faith | Evangelism Study

Growing In Grace | Spiritual Disciplines Study

Search The Word

Eden To Eternity (Bible Themes Series)

Bible Studies For Difficult Seasons

It Is Well | Anxiety Study

Never Alone | Depression Study

From Grief to Glory | Lamentations Study

Old Testament Bible Study Favorites


Even If | Habakkuk Study

Mercy In The Storm | Jonah
Psalms Bundle

New Testament Buble Study Favorites

Rooted In Him| Colossians

By Faith | Galatians

Fighting With Faith | Philippians

A Year In The Bible 

Eden To Eternity

The Story of Redemption

Mentioned Products

Come and See

John Study

Out of Stock

Between Grief and Glory | Lamentations Study

Chosen | Ephesians Study

Fighting with Faith | Philippians Study

Out of Stock

Preaching the Gospel to Yourself | Study

Pray | Cultivating a Passionate Practice of Prayer

Sharing Our Faith | Evangelism Resource

Search the Word | Study

Never Alone Study

Mercy in the Storm

a Study on the Book of Jonah

Psalms Bundle


Rooted in Him

By Faith | Galatians Study

Eden to Eternity | The Chronological Story of Scripture Bundle

The Story of Redemption Study Bundle

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