Should We Forgive and Forget? | Ep. 140

Should We Forgive and Forget? | Ep. 140

Episode 140

We’ve all heard the phrase “forgive and forget”. It’s a nice principle, right? When we wrong someone and seek forgiveness, we would also really like it if that person completely forgot about the offense. But when we turn the situation around, we’re not so sure. Especially if it’s a deep wound and we feel all the things, extending forgiveness is hard. Forgetting the offense entirely seems to be near impossible. So in this episode, we explore this idea of forgiving and forgetting. In the Bible, we read verses that say God will be merciful and “remember their sins no more”. What do we make of this, especially since we also know that God knows all things?

We talked about why we should forgive in a previous episode, but today, we want to explore this idea of forgiving and forgetting. We talk about if it’s even possible to truly forgive and forget. And is it wise to forgive and forget? Is this something Scripture calls us to? Does God actually forget when He forgives? That’s the bottomline: we want to forgive as Jesus forgives. He is our model!

  1. Jesus is our model for forgiveness. (7:42)
  2. When God forgives us our sins, does He forget them? (8:53)
  3. How can we forgive and continue to walk forward in that forgiveness? (16:03)
  4. Jesus is our model: He is committed to those He forgives. (18:58)
  5. How do we remain committed to those we’ve forgiven? (23:10)
  6. Caveat: we need wisdom! Abusive and/or toxic relationships are real. (25:27)
  7. We have certain “covenant relationships” where forgiveness is vital. (30:58)
  8. How do we do “not call the offense to mind” when the sin is painful? (35:11)
  9. How many times should we forgive? (44:04)
  10. This feels impossible. How do we do any of this? (49:37)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Scripture mentioned in this episode:

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