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Bible Study Cards

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Bible Study Cards

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This set of 15 cards includes prompts to help you dig deeper into any text of Scripture. Choose just one when you feel stuck, or try working through them all in the same passage. One side of the cards provides a prompt and the other side gives more detail on how and why to do it!
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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth F.
Keep these on hand!

Great little set to have on hand to remind yourself of each step through a book of the Bible


These Bible study cards are a perfect resource for days when you're feeling a little stuck. The prompts are useful, and I sometimes use them with the Bible study I lead as a prompt.

Truth and lie card’s!!!

I read this book called lies woman believe and it’s all about the lies we believe about any and everything. The lie satan wants us to believe but in the book it replaces those lies with the truth and promise that God says. So when I seen theses cards I had to get them they are beautiful and so incredibly a must to have for yourself or to give as a gift maybe even to a new convert. I love the reminder that these cards hold the truth that can set us free from any bondage. They are perfect. Well done!!! I would love to see ones for teens as well as children that could be used in Sunday school or children’s church.

Asha K.
Helps to enrich Bible time

I’ve held off on these cards for some time after seeing them, adding them to cart, and then, ultimately, removing them. I’m so glad that I took the leap of faith to purchase these with my most recent purchase. When my order arrived, I went through each card set and this set was my most favorite. I couldn’t believe how much helpful insight was included. Some things seem obvious but I wasn’t really focused on making it a habit while spending time in the Word. I appreciate that this card set it focused on how to deepen your study with the how and WHY these things should be done during your time in the Bible. I highly recommend this set if you don’t have it and buying a few to share with others! This set is great for all levels of study.

Stephanie T.
Bible Study Cards

Super pretty cards that remind me of the questions I used to ask my friends. I'm going to use these in my job to be intentional with those I'm working with and I'm very excited