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Colossians | Rooted in Him - Men

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Colossians | Rooted in Him - Men

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Colossians | 6 Week Study | Rooted in Him


Colossians points us to Jesus. This letter gives us a beautiful picture of our Savior and compels our hearts to worship and adoration.

Whether you have been studying the Bible your entire life, or this is the first time you have ever studied God's Word, we think this study will encourage your heart and point you to Jesus who satisfies our souls. 

Colossians | 6 Week Study | Rooted in Him equips believers to: 

  • Learn joy, peace, and contentment are found in Christ alone.
  • Recognized how Colossians points to Jesus through each verse.
  • See Who Jesus is & how we can follow in His ways 

Special Resources within this study:

  • Map of Colossae 
  • Helpful Tips for Memorizing Scripture 
  • “What is the Gospel” presentation 
  • Word Study 
  • Charting Paul’s Suffering in Ministry explanation and illustration. 

Key themes: Faith in Jesus, Thankfulness, Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ. 


  • This study is perfect for individuals or groups. 
  • Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions. 
  • Measures 8x10
  • Includes 160 pages
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Customer Reviews

Based on 867 reviews
Kalah P.
Colossians Bible study

Very happy with this study! Using it for a girls group study! And it’s so perfect especially for new believers

Brooklyn N.
Colossians Digital Copy

Love this option that way no matter where I am I can still be in the word or able to complete my study.

Kaitlin G.

This study was excellent for understanding our need to be rooted in Christ to withstand the reasonable arguments of our world. I spent several weeks using this study to teach through Colossians in a small group setting. It clarified difficult points. It prompted good conversation. Every single section pointed to the emphasis on Christ throughout all of Colossians.

Love the his and hers bundle!

So thankful to have a study to do alongside my hubby. We’ve really enjoyed the rich history and theology this study provides!

Beautiful study!

First off, the book is beautiful! I know that is not the most important part of a Bible study but it doesn’t hurt. I love that this is a true BIBLE study. There is not extra fluff or outside thoughts to this study - it is simply deep diving into a book of the Bible and studying the actual scripture. I love that. I needed a boost at getting in by Bible more regularly and this has helped me so much to open my Bible more and I love how it helps me to further dig into each verse at a time.