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Dwell Scripture Memory Journal | Psalms

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Dwell Scripture Memory Journal | Psalms

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This Dwell Scripture Memory Journal is designed to assist you in memorizing longer passages of Scripture. This edition focuses on Psalms of Praise and Thanksgiving. It provides helpful tools to help you while you memorize, such as word studies and space to practice writing out your Scripture memory. This beautiful journal helps you memorize these passages at your own pace with encouraging tips and exercises along the way.
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Customer Reviews

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Delaney H.
So Cute!!

I know it’s not what it’s all about, but i love how aesthetically pleasing the book is. It motivates me to really want to write in it everyday. This book has some guided notes and is really helpful to remembering scripture.


I've been trying to better memorize scripture, and this is such a helpful resource!

Meghan S.
So helpful

I love how simple and doable this makes scripture Memory!

Beth B.
Great resource

Great resource for scripture memory! I love that it helps to memorize big chunks of scripture just a little bit at a time.

Dwell Scripture Memory Psalms

I really like the verses that were chosen for this series. Two of the verses are thanksgiving Psalms and two are praise Psalms. I have just started to learn about word studies, and I was so excited to see them in this book. The word studies add more insight into the Psalm.

I like to highlight the repeat words in each of the Psalms in the book. Then, I make observations and write them down. Next, I tape them into my Dwell book. By highlighting, I can see patterns, themes, and make more observations, which helps me to get the correct interpretation of each Psalm. In Ephesians 5:17 it says that Christians are to "speak to one another in Psalms."
I can't do that if I don't have some Psalms memorized. Memorizing these Psalms is a lot of fun, even more so with friends!