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He Leads Me | Psalm 23 - Men

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He Leads Me | Psalm 23 - Men

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He Leads Me is a two-week, in-depth study of Psalm 23. It goes through this iconic Psalm phrase by phrase and digs into the beautiful meaning and comfort found in these timeless words. This study is for every person who needs to be reminded of God's presence in their lives. For every person that needs to be reminded of His gentle care. For every person craving the rest that only He can give. For every person longing to be refreshed by God's Word. For every person that needs to know that He is with them in the waiting. For every person that needs to be reminded that He is good and His plans are best.
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Customer Reviews

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The matte paper is awesome! But more importantly, this study helped me dive deeper into understanding my favorite Psalm verse by verse. I love this study so much!

Dina E.
Love the matte paper!

Great study on one of my favorite psalms. I especially love the matte paper. I can take notes with my favorite pens and highlighters without them smearing.

Juana T.

Been loving this study that dives deep into Psalm 23. It has been helping me memorize it too. The illustrations are amazing and the questions really make you think. On page 61 there's a typo where the same question is asked twice, but other than that, great study!

A great resource in a busy season !

This resource was just what I needed. It was short but deep, perfect for the busy season am at. Also, it really helps you this famous verse that I have memorized since I was a little kid. 100% recommend.


The bible study has been amazing I have the girl version of this one.