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More Than Anything | Loving God Above Everything Else

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More Than Anything | Loving God Above Everything Else

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More Than Anything | 5 Week Study | Loving God Above Everything Else

There are many things vying for the affections of the heart, but only God can truly fulfill our needs and satisfy every longing. But, how can we figure out if we love God most? And what should we do if we realize we’ve been treasuring other things above God? 

More Than Anything: Loving God Above Everything Else is a five week study that will

• Explain the idolatry displayed in Scripture along with common ways we continue to struggle with idolatry today

• Help you stop searching for fulfillment in temporary things and instead find fulfillment in God

• Encourage you to examine where you have been trusting in powerless idols to meet your daily needs

• Show you why God is the only source of peace and joy that is eternal and unchanging 

Special resources within study:

  • Study Suggestions
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Attributes of God
  • Metanarrative of Scripture
  • Idolatry Diagnostics
  • Idols of the Heart
  • Heart Diagnostics
  • Post Study Prayer

Key themes: idolatry, approval, control, body image, relationships, materialism, security, comfort, worship, identity, the gospel


  • This study is perfect for individuals or groups.
  • Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, and weekly Scripture memory verses and reflection questions. 
  • Measures 8X10
  • Includes 135 pages 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 554 reviews
Excellent Study

I really enjoyed going through this study it really dissects the different idols in our lives that we so often shrug off as just minor distractions etc. I do think some of the idols could’ve been combined since they were essentially the same thing, but other than that having such a precise look into different idols we may have in our lives such as busyness, marriage etc. was eye opening ! I definitely recommend

Sarah D.
Gives a new perspective

This bible study really pointed out things I didn't even realize I had issues with. It was great for me to examine things that have gotten in between me and God and draw closer to him.

Beautiful study!

I love having the digital copy for saving the verses/quotes from each day on my phone!

Lexi C.
Calls you out like God does, gently

Just like God does so many times in the Bible, this study will call you out on what you don’t see. So many topics in this book I thought wouldn’t relate to me because “I would know if I was putting that above God” but I was so blind to my false idols. Small things become big when it comes to a relationship with Christ. This study changed me and changed my relationship with Christ!

Julie R.
James The Steadfast Life

This study was amazing. It spoke directly to my soul. The weekly breakdown was wonderful. Each day brought new insight and new words from the Lord. This series is just what the Lord called me to hear at this time in my life.. Perfect for the person who is seeking to needs still your words and listen for the Lords voice