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More Than Anything | Loving God Above Everything Else

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More Than Anything | Loving God Above Everything Else

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More Than Anything | 5 Week Study | Loving God Above Everything Else

There are many things vying for the affections of the heart, but only God can truly fulfill our needs and satisfy every longing. But, how can we figure out if we love God most? And what should we do if we realize we’ve been treasuring other things above God? 

More Than Anything: Loving God Above Everything Else is a five week study that will

• Explain the idolatry displayed in Scripture along with common ways we continue to struggle with idolatry today

• Help you stop searching for fulfillment in temporary things and instead find fulfillment in God

• Encourage you to examine where you have been trusting in powerless idols to meet your daily needs

• Show you why God is the only source of peace and joy that is eternal and unchanging 

Special resources within study:

  • Study Suggestions
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Attributes of God
  • Metanarrative of Scripture
  • Idolatry Diagnostics
  • Idols of the Heart
  • Heart Diagnostics
  • Post Study Prayer

Key themes: idolatry, approval, control, body image, relationships, materialism, security, comfort, worship, identity, the gospel


  • This study is perfect for individuals or groups.
  • Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, and weekly Scripture memory verses and reflection questions. 
  • Measures 8X10
  • Includes 135 pages 

Unlock access to the study in The Daily Grace Co. app. It contains devotional content, videos, questions, scripture passages and an engaging community of fellow believers. Learn more here!

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer J.
More Than Anything | Loving God Above Everything Else

I have emailed regarding this order (I never received it) I have not heard back from anyone about this. I would love to share my thoughts with you on this.
Thanks, Jenny

Bible study great for small groups!

I’m leading a small group of young adult women and we are using the More Than Anything book. They are all loving it so far! We also love that there is a video series to go along with it on the app. We got the study materials during the $5 sale which made it affordable for our ministry to purchase and to provide the books at no cost for the group members! They all have commented on how beautiful the book is too! Highly recommend!

Realizing Idols I didn't even think about!

This study has me seeing things and attitudes in my life I didn't realize fall into idolatry. Really been enjoying it!

One of My Favorites!

This study covers so many things that we often overlook in our lives and was really eye-opening. One of my favorite studies yet!!

Ann R.

This Bible Study has helps me so much with my faith and confidence. My faith and confidence has been stronger than ever.