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Welcome to the Rejoice Always study!

What is joy in Christ, really? Is it possible to have joy in Christ even when your circumstances seem to push you toward despair? In a world tempting us to partake in quick but fleeting pleasures, joy that is true and lasting can seem impossible. But Scripture encourages us to find everlasting joy in Christ. In this three-week study, we will discover that God is a God of joy and He has given us His joy in Christ. By the Holy Spirit, Christ has made joy accessible to us, even now. Together, we will marvel at Jesus and discover how His joy transforms our everyday lives. If you desire to cultivate joy right where you are today, this study is for you.

    Rejoice Always will:

  • Understand how Christ’s joy is near in all circumstances.
  • Behold the abundance they receive as sons and daughters of Christ Jesus.
  • Discover how Christ’s joy is accessible in their own lives today.

Let’s get started!

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