Daily Grace Rewards Program

The Daily Grace Rewards Program is our way to say thank you for supporting us! You can earn points by making purchases and completing tasks that you can redeem for exclusive perks and rewards. There are three VIP levels that you can reach. The higher the level, the faster you can earn exclusive rewards.

The Daily Grace Rewards Program is free to join! All you need is an account and you can start enjoying rewards and perks.

Create an account by visiting our Rewards Page. Once you have completed the sign-up you will automatically start earning points. Please note you will recieve a confirmation email to confirm your account. Your account is not created until you have confirmed via email.

DG Points + Rewards

The rewards program cannot apply points to past purchases. Only purchases made after creating a Daily Grace Rewards Account will earn points. Please note you must be signed into your account when you make a purchase in order to earn points.

You earn points for every dollar you spend at The Daily Grace Co. You can also earn points by performing tasks once. You must be signed into your account to earn DG points.

Reward options will appear in your account once you have reached the corresponding amount of points

You will recieve points based on the total purchase amount before taxes and shipping cost.

Yes, your rewards will expire after 6 months.

In order to earn Birthday points, you must enter your correct birth date when you’re signed into your account. You must enter this information at least 30 days prior to your Birthday in order to receive points. Please note, these points are only granted once every 365 days.

To ensure your transaction is accurate, please only redeem one reward at a time.

Once you redeem your reward through your account you will receive a discount code for your reward via email (as well as instantly on your account panel). You are welcome to share that one-time use discount code with anyone you would like.

Once you redeem your points for a reward, even if you don’t proceed with checkout, we cannot refund those points. However, you have up to 6 months to redeem that reward.

Once you have made a purchase and recieved your order you will be sent an email providing you with an opportunity to leave a review. If you submit a review, 500 DG points will be added to your account rewards account. You're eligible for earning points every 30 days.

VIP Tiers

Your tier will automatically appear when you are signed into your account on and the Daily Grace Rewards page

You will automatically reach the Bronze Tier when you sign up for The Daily Grace Rewards Program.

Once you have earned 900 points you will receive an email with updated perks and benefits for the Silver Tier.

Once you have earned 2,100 points you will receive an email with updated perks and benefits for the Gold Tier.

In order to stay in a certain VIP tier, you must earn the number of points required to enter that tier every calendar year. To remain in the Silver Tier, you will need to earn 900 points per year. To remain in the Gold Tier, you will need to earn 2,100 points per year.